Julian Hartnoll
37 Duke Street St. James's · London · SW1Y 6DF · 0207 839 3842
fine artmonger · established 1968
Prue Cooper Xmas Show
10 December 2012 - 23 December 2012

Following a sell-out show two years ago Julian Hartnoll will be showing a second collection of Prue Cooper's slipware dishes.

Prue Cooper's dishes each tell a story:  some are  pictorial others have added epigrams and quotations. Her wit is dry and perceptive, drawing on past wisdoms to capture current pre-occupations and to describe timeless truths about the human condition. “Keep Friendship in Constant Repair” is from a letter written by Boswell to Joshua Reynolds.“Tis Time that I grow wise when all the world goes Mad” is a quotation from Thomas Randolph written in 1630.

Other pictoral plates  such as “The Minatour” and “The Importance of Being Prepared” need no script the visual impact being sufficient to convey their pithy message.

The warm directness of the slipware and Prue’s refined calligraphy make communication clear and relevant. These dishes are meant to be used; rich in texture, rich in colour, they are also highly functional,  glazed with a food-safe honey glaze, dishwasher proof and  oven proof to low temperatures.

Prue Cooper trained as a painter and then dealt in early English watercolours.  She took to ceramics in 1990 and set up her own studio in 1996. Since then she has sold many a dish to many a home.   Her plates have  added to the gentle contentment of a reflective dinner, or grace the walls of  decorative homes,  beautifully crafted, wry reflections on life.

There will be approximately thirty plates and dishes and four or five examples of each. They measure between 8 x 8 inches to 12 x 16 inches and are priced from £60 to £165

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