Julian Hartnoll
37 Duke Street St. James's · London · SW1Y 6DF · 0207 839 3842
fine artmonger · established 1968
About this exhibition
Piers Jackson Editions
28 April 2014 - 4 May 2014

                                                                  HARTNOLL & DAUGHTER


Elizabeth Hartnoll presents Editions an exhibition of Piers Jackson's geometric reliefs and notorious crow paintings.Jackson works with metal leaf, pigment dyed card and gypsum plaster to create abstract icons admired for their structural harmony and timeless beautyThe artist says " by hand making an edition of say ten or twenty, it becomes possible to offer real examples of what I do to new collectors who might not be able to afford a unique piece.Julian Hartnoll's tiny gallery on Duke Street St James's is the perfect setting for his daughter Lizzie's first show of Piers Jackson editions.


Piers Jackson was born in Jamaica in 1970 and educated at Haileybury. After a visit to New York in 1993 he gave up figurative oil painting and started working on glass with metal leaf and encaustic paint. This change of materials initiated a style of work, which Jackson continues to develop today. His interest in Surrealism, encouraged by George Melly, coincided with early experiments in three-dimensional depth. Investigations in colour theory at the end of the millennium led Jackson to utilize the cube to demonstrate primary and secondary colour relations. Geometry has remained Piers Jackson's dominant theme ever since. After a lung collapse in 2005 the artist quit encaustic paint, and started working with pigment-dyed card in imitation of the immaculate surface rendered by hot wax under glass. In 2001 Piers Jackson's obsession with numbers began to materialize as three, four, five, six, and seven sided pyramids. Those prototypes formed the basis of work now available as EDITIONS. Imagery such as The Copper Key 2011-2014 punctuates the transition from surface to form, and resonates between dimensions.

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