Julian Hartnoll
37 Duke Street St. James's · London · SW1Y 6DF · 0207 839 3842
fine artmonger · established 1968
Liza Campbell - Carphology & Cryptograms
16 November 2012 - 28 November 2012

Beneath the text, within the text, our lives are reflected back at us in the insistence of the language. The cumulative effect is unsettling to say the least. There is relief in the humour, which is never far from the surface, but even that is dark and subversive.

She lists as her influences as the cartoonists Edward Gorey, Saul Steinberg & Charles Addams and this is particularly seen in her sewing pieces when she takes a conservative domestic medium & turns it on its head.

There is also comfort in her pictures, the letters forming words that we haven’t heard since childhood, words we associate with a different era. 'It was a great surprise to me to find I have an inner Victorian, but she turns out to be a deranged one'.

Liza’s work has always incorporated the written word, but this new work simplifies the theme, isolates the words, concentrates the colours and shapes so they become the focus.

Driven by her love of lists, and a naturally obsessive nature, she takes an idea and explores and exposes it on paper, giving the words form and colour, and always making sure they know their place in the serried ranks of her paintings.

'I like taking a thought for a walk & it usually ends up a bit of an assault course driven on by the completist's lash.' 

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