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Julian Hartnoll's news and views from October 2009

We have spent the morning putting on line nearly all the Bratbys I  currently have for sale. But amongst these canvasses we came across a drawing of the Russian pianist Brailowsky - it was drawn by Mariette Lydis in Buenos Aires during the last war; it is not only an excellent likeness but a little jewel of a drawing. Mariette Lydis is known for the fineness of her pencil drawings, often of young girls, but is a little known figure - compare her with Leonora Fini and you will soon see who is the finer draughtswoman. But if you are interested in Brailowsky do please contact us.

by Julian Hartnoll
28 October 2009 10:55 PM
I am overjoyed by the aesthetic cosmopolitanism and delightful range
showcased in your Louis Lang page... tres jolie!! Cheers to your
website for projecting a truly Parisian designer's genius for
'transcreating' Oriental Chintzes and Modernist Art into wearable
printworks. As a Couture-specialist and a woman of style, I would
happily shut my eyes and wear ANY of these marvels of modern design.

On a different note: if you exhibit some of the more Matisse-inspired
pieces such as 'Waves' & 'Green Leaves'  (without the dull cast that
appears on these small scans on your page!)  I am sure a gallery
display would look exactly like a full-fledged Contemporary Art
exhibition. Do try this -- if you have not already.

William Morris would have been rightly proud of Lang, and many
contemporary designers today will benefit from observing his free,
confident calligraphic 'Kalighat' brush-strokes.
As an artist born in India, I am thrilled to observe the clearly
'Jaipur Ceramic' inspiration in Lang's 'Blue & Yellow' and 'Pink &
Blue', and the Indian block-print paisley inspiration in 'Garlands'.
What a truly international designer Lang was... and an impeccable

I agree with you completely that Real Art needs to be 'mongered', i.e.
Touched, Smelt, and Hung Up on a Wall !! You are a Fine Fishy Monger
indeed, dear Julian Hartnoll. Many thanks for your discerning eye,
sense of true Joi De Vivre, and total dedication.

Congratulations on your unique collections. Keep it up, and all the best!

-- Srimati Lal,
Artist and Writer, India
by Srimati Lal
23 October 2009 9:40 AM
I am pleased to announce my forthcoming exhibition of the recent work by Rosalind Davis.

Exhibition dates

Tuesday 8th until Saturday December 19th daily 11 am - 6 pm

Her pictures, which combine paint and embroidery, were recently described as follows:

The star  has to be Rosalind Davis. Her mixed media paintings  reflect a fascination with grotty and disused looking buildings which have an underlying importance to the communities they serve. The pieces fuse painting with collage and embroidery and invite closer inspection to see where cotton ends and acrylic begins.

The idea here is that the tessellated canvas explores equally complex themes enshrined within the structures they are based upon. Often the buildings painted are taken from areas of serious social deprivation and are supposed to represent the lifeblood of their surrounding communities.

From a distance broad, bold brush strokes used to depict neglected buildings contrast with delicate, floral print backgrounds but a closer look reveals meticulous detail. Each individual stitch masquerades as a streak of paint which at times can look a little chaotic – something I'm told is meant to emphasise the fragility of the structures captured on canvas. It's a bit like art nouveau; the deeper you delve into the image the more attention to detail you find. My eyes are sore.

Despite their vivid and bright tones, I still find the paintings very foreboding. Whether or not they're successful in portraying 'melancholy dystopian landscapes that explore human experience and identity' I would certainly recommend checking out Ms Davis' work.

by Julian Hartnoll
22 October 2009 12:16 PM
Mirolslow Balka at Tate Modern. Crosses the barrier between entertainment of the fair ground and thought provoking art. But it is free.
by Julian Hartnoll
22 October 2009 9:45 AM
Have a look at our French Fabric design page - these are very special and need to be seen in reality so come in to our shop immediately please.
by Julian Hartnoll
21 October 2009 9:17 AM
I've been going to Frieze on the Sunday for several years now. Caprice has deserted and so it seems has the buzz - no Lily Allen, no glamour stars, even poor Grayson Perry looking weary and depressed with Ann Berthoud glued to his arm. No major pictures there either - but a cracking Ian davenport on Waddingtons. If you've got £25,000...
by Julian Hartnoll
20 October 2009 4:39 PM