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The Soothsayer - Vicky Wright
Vicky Wright (b. 1967)
The Soothsayer

Oil on canvas
26 x 18 inches
Artist Statement:
The origins of 'Soothsayer' are in my early engagement within the art world. Initially a textile designer, in which ones creative output is always a commodity, I had to now traverse a new value system, which seemed increasingly dislocated from any rational means of measurement.
A soothsayer is a type of  shaman working as a frontman for an occult that purports to see into the future and predicts the events. At the time of painting 'Soothsayer' the London art world had what Robert Hughes has recently described 'an irrational faith' in itself, and I imagined a world mutated by artist gods.
The 'Soothsayer' was the creator of this new world, an amorphous beast, part alpaca, cat and human; an embodiment of nature lost and repackaged as a kitsch toy which is still alive, and must continually recreate illusions to mask the horror of its downfall.