Julian Hartnoll
37 Duke Street St. James's · London · SW1Y 6DF · 0207 839 3842
fine artmonger · established 1968
Crowd, Earls Court - Edward Middleditch
Edward Middleditch
Crowd, Earls Court

Oil on board
72 x 48 inches

This work is included in the Holloways of Banbury  forthcoming sale: Pictures belonging to Julian Hartnoll on the 21st February 2012.

The reproduction of this painting is from a black and white photograph - although the colours are essentially muted greys.

Of this painting John Minton wrote in Ark in 1955:

"Are you a social realist Mr M? Doom being in, and Hope being out, the search amongst the cosmic dustbins is on, the atomic theme is unravelled: the existentialist railway station to which there is no more arrival and from which there is no more departure. Only a limbo for those who took the wrong train, and the uniformed collector who announces "Moi je suis Le Destin
"Is it valid? Does it relate? Is is socially significant?" the critics cry, and in answering themselves fill their columns."

Beaux Arts Gallery, 1954; Pittsburgh International Exhibition, USA 1955